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Month 1 Week 1

Introduction to HTML and How the World Wide Web Works

How the World Wide Web Works

A Very Brief History

In the middle part of the 20th century, humans living in the USA were very paranoid - very, very paranoid. And, as huge, room sized computers began to hold the very knowledge on which their civilization was based, they became even more worried. What if someone attacked these "super" computers? What if all that information was lost? 

And so was born the Arpanet, a US government plot to thwart it's enemies by distributing the information across so many computers, spread throughout the land, that even THEY would forever have trouble locating what they needed. For the first few decades, it was a hidden realm, inhabited much like Middle Earth by strange, troll like creatures known as scientists and programmers. Rarely seeing the light of day, these beings were also known for gathering together late at night at local pizza places to play Magic®. 


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