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Year 1  Computer Project

bulletMonth 1
bulletWeek 1 Introduction to HTML & The Web
bulletWeek 2 Getting Started
bulletWeek 3 Understanding the Basics
bulletWeek 4 The Computer Is Not A Typewriter
bulletYour Turn!
bulletBuild a simple web page and upload it to your hosting service.

bulletMonth 2
bulletWeek 1 - Hyperlinks
bulletWeek 2 - Lots of Lists
bulletWeek 3 - Simple Graphics
bulletWeek 4 - Full Page Colors and Graphics
bulletYour Turn!
bulletAdd hyperlinks, lists, and graphics, both simple and advanced methods, to your web page.

bulletMonth 3
bulletWeek 1 - Beginning Frames
bulletWeek 2 - Advanced Frames
bulletWeek 3 - Simple Forms
bulletWeek 4 - Tables
bulletYour Turn!
bulletAdd in two of the following to your web page: frames, tables, simple forms.

bulletMonth 4
bulletWeek 1 - Site Planning
bulletWeek 2 - Site Structure
bulletWeek 3 - Making It Look Good
bulletWeek 4 - Bringing It All Together
bulletYour Turn!
bulletPost your site plan and structure concepts online.

bulletMonth 5
bulletWeek 1 - Seeing Like A Designer
bulletWeek 2 - Pixels, Palettes and other Pesky Details
bulletWeek 3 - Your Design Framework
bulletWeek 4 - The Harsh Reality of HTML
bulletYour Turn!
bulletPost your site design online - top page, menu page, content page, plus any others you've designed.

bulletMonth 6
bulletWeek 1 - The Computer Is Not A Typewriter
bulletWeek 2 - Building Beautiful Backgrounds
bulletWeek 3 - Text As Art
bulletWeek 4 - Clip Art and Other Free Graphical Treats
bulletYour Turn!
bulletCreate the background for your pages and decide upon the fonts you'll be using. Post both online.

bulletMonth 7
bulletWeek 1 - Photography For the Web
bulletWeek 2 - Graphics As Links
bulletWeek 3 - Animated GIFs
bulletWeek 4 - Rollover Buttons
bulletYour Turn!
bulletAdd at least three of the four elements covered this month to your site - photographs, graphical links, animated GIFs, and/or rollover buttons.

bulletMonth 8
bulletWeek 1 - Javascript
bulletWeek 2 - Java
bulletWeek 3 - CGI/Perl
bulletWeek 4 - Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
bulletYour Turn!
bulletAdd at least one of the covered script styles to your site, even if you do not intend to keep it beyond the display/discuss session for the project.

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