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Month 5 Week 1

Seeing It Like A Designer

Weeding Out The Clutter and Guiding The Eye To The Important Stuff 

Many websites are confusing because their opening page doesn't tell people what the site is about. Instead, it has some large graphic, perhaps a name and the visitor is expected to just figure it out from there. Unless your site is already a household word, that won't cut it.

On the other hand, you don't want to go crazy, filling your first page with so much information, the visitor doesn't know where to look first. Your first page should be like the front of a store you would visit in person. It should clearly say what can be found inside and tell people how to get in. 

Your organization should be logical and self-evident. The names of the areas on your site should be descriptive but not confusing. What's New sounds better than About Me, whereas naming all your areas in Latin may be fun - but how many visitors will want to translate your descriptions just to navigate your site?

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