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Month 5 Week 1

Seeing It Like A Designer

Spicing Up Text Pages and Creating Rest Stops For The Eyes

Text is the main item you will be using on your website to help guide people around. But that doesn't mean your site needs to be boring. Here are some easy ways to spice up otherwise dull text pages -
bulletUse descriptive words and text. If it is mostly words, make sure those you choose are ones people will be interested in reading.
bulletUse small graphics and line breaks to divide sections and create a mood. Notice how I left a blank line and switched to a bulleted list for this? That is what I mean. These are also called rest stops for the eyes, because they give the eyes a break briefly as the person naturally pauses for the blank lines or to glance at the graphic.
bulletFigure out your voice and make sure you use it throughout. If your text all sounds as though it is related, the visitor will be more inclined to read deeper.

Keep working on your site designs. For next time, write down in your computer notebook the three or four colors you would like to use for your site design.

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