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Month 1 Week 1

Introduction to HTML and How the World Wide Web Works

How the World Wide Web Works

A Very Brief History Continued

Then in the mid-80s, a few college students happened upon these strange beings, perhaps living in their closet or dorm basement. But, said these converts to the faith of bytes and bits, who wants to just look at text and words on a page? Sure, news groups are fun and getting email from friends around the world is really cool, but what about color? What about beauty? What about annoying pop-up ads that play loud music at 2am to alert the entire household that yes, you are indeed STILL on that *%#@ computer.

Enter two guys, both of whom worked hard and both of who can be said to have equal roles in the creation of the graphical internet, now known as the World Wide Web. Since this isn't a history lesson, we won't worry about who they were, you can research that on your own. One created Mozilla, one created Netscape, both were brilliant and both have since gone fairly broke.


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