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Month 1 Week 1

Introduction to HTML and How the World Wide Web Works

How the World Wide Web Works

A Very Brief History Continued

What they did was create a language that computers would recognize and act upon, much like what a printer was already able to do. When you send a file to the printer, one with text and graphics, your computer tells the printer, line by line, pixel by pixel, this is a piece of text, this is a graphic, this is blank. The printer has a piece of software of it's own that tells it what to do each time it sees "text" or "graphic" or "blank". 

While that is a simplified version of course, it suits our purposes. Web browsers work the same as the piece of software in the printer, taking the words "text" or "image" or dozens upon dozens of others and telling your computer how to display them correctly. And those two guys figured out how to make that happen - very cool I think!

Now let's learn how URLs (not pronounced "Earls" by the way) work...

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