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Month 2


What Is A Hyperlink?

A hyperlink is the name for the actual "link" you click on to move from one web page to another. Hyperlinks are also used to send emails, download files, and a few other tasks. 

How To Create A Hyperlink

First, you need a place you want to link to - perhaps the club's website, or a personal favorite of yours. You need their URL and you need to think of what you want to call your link. For example, a link to the club's website might say, "Gnosis 4-H Club" whereas a link to a site you enjoy might say, "My Favorite Website."

Next, you need to open your "test1.html" file. Now, using the "Save As" function in your file menu, save it as "test2.html". This way, you can keep track of the work you do each month.

Now for the fun part, adding your hyperlink. Just like other mark-up tags, hyperlinks have both an open and a close -

<a ...>

 The ... is where you'll be adding more information. To start, you need to add the URL so the browser knows where your hyperlink is directing them. So add to your page the following -

<a href="">

 Put the URL for the website you selected where I have "".

So now the browser knows, but you still have to tell the person visiting your page that you want them to click on the link. Just add in the name you decided upon like so -

<a href="">
Name of your hyperlink

 Open your page in your web browser and take a look!


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