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Month 1 Week 4

The Computer Is Not A Typewriter

Formatting Characters With Physical Tags

In general, all of HTML works the same way as the tags you already learned. Each will have an "Open" tag and each will have a corresponding "Close" tag. All of the text that falls between the open and close is affected by the tag itself.

For example, the following snippet (short piece) of code -

This text is italicized.

When read by the browser, looks like this -

This text is italicized.

To create bold text, you use <B> and </B> -

This text is in bold.

To create "typewriter" style text, you use <TT> and </TT> -

TeleType appears monospaced.

To strike-through your text, you use <S> and </S> -

This text has a line through it.

To underline your text, you use <U> and </U> -

This text is underlined.

You can also make text appear above or below the text for superscript and subscript by using <SUP> and </SUP> for superscript and <SUB> and </SUB> for subscript -

Superscript appears above
Subscript appears below.


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