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Month 1 Week 4

The Computer Is Not A Typewriter

Formatting Characters With Logical Tags

Remember how I told you in week one that much of HTML uses words you already know? Here are a few text tags like that.

To make the text look bigger or smaller, you use <BIG> and </BIG> and <SMALL> and </SMALL> -

This text is big while this text is small.

You can also emphasize something by using <EM> and </EM> -

Say it with emphasis.

Or, to really get your point across, try strong emphasis with <STRONG> and </STRONG> -

Say it with strong emphasis.

Already you've seen how I've been marking off the code on pages to make it easier to recognize the snippets. That is done with <CODE> and </CODE> -

count : integer;

Perhaps you are going to quote someone or something on your page. In that case, you may need to use the citation code of <CITE> and </CITE> -

A citation gives credit where credit is due.
(Some famous person, 2044)

And finally, perhaps you are explaining something to your visitors and you need to define, or explain what a phrase or concept means. You'll want to use the <DFN> and </DFN> codes for definition -

The tag used to highlight a word or phrase that will be defined is called the defining tag.


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Month 1 Week 4