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Month 1 Week 2

Getting Started

How to Use Markup Tags

I could spend ten pages explaining what markup tags are or I can show you in one simple activity.

Try It!

  1. Open your test1.html document once more.
  2. Before the start of your typing, add this - <H1>
  3. After the end of your typing, add this - </H1>
  4. Save your document again.
  5. Return to your browser window and click on "refresh" to re-load your changed page and view the result. (It also works with H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 to get different effects.)

Markup tags, simply put, tell the browser what to do with the text. Sometimes they tell the browser to display your typing in a new way, such as what you just did. Sometimes, they tell the browser that your typing means to get a picture from somewhere and display that. 

It may seem complicated to you now, but I assure you that it really is simple. There are only a few markup tags to learn and all of them use words that make sense, like "image" to show a picture and "table" when you want to show a table. We'll be covering each tag in the coming weeks and months.


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