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Month 1 Week 2

Getting Started

How to Use Special HTML Editing Software

I want to take a minute to discuss the special software out there for creating and editing web pages. First, I am a big fan of these helpers, I use them myself. But, I first learned to program websites in SimpleText/Notepad, something that comes in very handy. 

None of these applications, even the most expensive ones (I use Front Page Enterprise which is one of the most expensive ones), can do everything you will want your pages to do. Some image will be in the wrong spot. A piece of text, despite trying every add-in your program has, still won't turn the right shade of purple. At those times, the only solution is to write and modify the page yourself. 

At two in the morning, when you are struggling to get a table to display correctly, you'll be thankful you know the code - trust me. 


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Month 1 Week 2