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Month 1 Week 4

The Computer Is Not A Typewriter

New Tags From This Week

Starting this week, you'll have your own tag page to refer to at will. While it will also be posted here with all the latest additions, you may want to save it off each week at the end of the lesson to make sure you have your own copy. If you don't know how to save a web page, be sure and ask during our online chat this month!

<HTML> </HTML> Tells the browser that it is getting a web page.
<HEAD> </HEAD> Tells the browser that it is getting the header information.
<TITLE> </TITLE> The title that appears at the top of the browser and is generally used for favorites.
<BODY> </BODY> Tells the browser that it is getting the body information.
<I> </I> This text is italicized.
<B> </B> This text is in bold.
<TT> </TT> TeleType appears monospaced.
<S> </S> This text has a line through it.
<U> </U> This text is underlined.
<SUP> </SUP> Superscript appears above
<SUB> </SUB> Subscript appears below.
<EM> </EM> Say it with emphasis.
<STRONG> </STRONG> Say it with strong emphasis.
<CODE> </CODE> var
count : integer;
<CITE> </CITE> A citation gives credit where credit is due.
(Some famous person, 2044)
<DFN> </DFN> The tag used to highlight a word or phrase that will be defined is called the defining tag.

Moves it all to the right.

<P ALIGN=LEFT> Moves it all to the left.

Puts things in the middle.

<P NOWRAP> Keeps the text running on and on and on.
<BLOCKQUOTE> </BLOCKQUOTE> Blockquote indents and adds extra lines at the top and bottom of the text. 
<PRE> </PRE> Keeps things just as they are when you add them to your page.

That's all for this week! Watch your email for the date and time of our online chat. You'll need to upload your test page - perhaps with some of these new tags added - to your free host before our chat. We'll be sharing what we've learned and discussing text formatting in more detail.

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Month 1 Week 4