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Month 1 Week 3

Understanding the Basics

The Head Section

There are two parts to an HTML document or web page. The first is called the "Head" section. It is where all the information the computer needs is kept and most of it is never seen by the page viewer.

Items such as the page language, author name and page title are kept within the confines of the "Head" - but what exactly does that look like?  Here is a Head section for a page much like this one -

Month 1 Week 3

Line 1 - The first line of information tells the browser that it is about to receive the head information. It is called "Head Open" tag.

Lines 2 through 4 - This is the title of the page, shown with the "Title Open" and "Title Close" tags, telling the browser when to start putting information into the title bar at the top of the browser and when to stop.

Line 5 - This tells the browser that it has received all the "Head" information and to await further commands.

As you've already learned, you don't actually need any tags to make a web page, but the Head is the only way to have a page title. It is what most people store their favorites by, so having a well thought out title is important to your site's future success.

You'll be adding in this tag, and others, to your page at the end of this lesson. For now, let's move on to our next important tag.


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