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Month 4 Week 4

Bringing It All Together

Incorporating Design With Function

I'm not going to talk long this week on the subject of design versus function as we'll be going over that topic in great depth during the coming months. Just keep a few things in mind as you are designing your web site.

First, if you have a simple site with just a couple sub areas, feel free to have fun creating elaborate designs. You need something to jump out at people since you don't have that much content. 

Conversely, if you have a complex site with a lot of links right from the start, go with a more simple design. Once you have more than five links on a page, the page looks cluttered so don't compound the problem with lots of cute graphics. Save those for the sub pages.

Next, remember you aren't just creating a home page. You are also creating your sub pages as well. Maybe it's just an "About Me" page and a page full of links, but they should still go with your home page. Otherwise, people will think they've wandered off to a completely different website.

That's all I will say on the matter for now. Click here to move on.

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