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Month 4 Week 4

Bringing It All Together

Stages of Development

  1. Planning/Pre-Development Stage
    bulletThat is where you are now.
    bulletFiguring out what the site will contain and what it will look like.
    bulletDecide on possible solutions to any foreseen technical problems.
  2. Development Stage
    bulletCreate web pages and add the content to them.
    bulletCreate graphics, try out in pages, make adjustments as needed.
    bulletSolve any technical problems which you hopefully planned for in stage 1.
  3. Testing Stage
    bulletHave others look at and try out your website to find any problems.
    bulletGet feedback from testers on possible changes or modifications.
  4. Deployment Stage
    bulletMake your site known to the world.

That's it for this month! Next month, we'll be talking more about designs so get your rough sketches done before then.

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