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Month 4 Week 2

Site Structure

Cross-Linking Your Pages

By now, your paper should be really filling up. But what about pages that could go under more than one section? A list of your favorite games would work in the "About Me" and the "Games" areas of your site.

Write it down under "About Me" and then, draw a line from it to both your "About Me" section and your "Games" section.

Perhaps you want to have a list of all the pages in the section listed on each sub area, creating a special section navigation. Don't worry about how to "code" it, just note it down by drawing lines writing (perhaps in a different color) "linked to each other" next to the sub area names.

A white board works great, as you may have already discovered. Otherwise, don't worry if you walk through this five or ten or even more times before you get something you like. It is far easier on paper than in code, so better to figure it out now, right? 

Next week - making it look good!

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