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Month 3 Week 2

Advanced Frames

Nested Frames

Up until now, what you've seen and done is frames is not that exciting. The reason for that is frames are not the easiest thing to master in web design. In fact, there are specialists who do contract work ($50 an hour or more) JUST building complex frame structures. 

Before you start printing out copies of your resume, let me show you what a complex frame structure looks like. Click here to go to the website of the aptly named "Frames" musical group. I have no idea whether they are good at music, but their frames are quite excellent. After you prowl around (don't forget to look at the source code) just close the window to return to the lesson.

What you are seeing is frames within frames, combined with some Javascript to make the MOUSEOVER affects. In other words - something you will know how to do by the time you finish this course! 

For the rest of this week, keep your eyes open while you wander around the Internet, looking for frame pages. Any that look easy enough for you to do - pat yourself on the back for your learning! Any that look challenging, open the code and take a look, see if you can figure out just how they made it look that way.

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