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Month 3 Week 2

Advanced Frames

Extending and Enhancing Frames

One of the simplest ways you can alter frames to make them look better is to remove the unnecessary borders. A page that looks like this (Click Here and Close Window To Return) can be modified to look like this (Click Here and Close Window To Return) with just one addition to your frame document.

Open your frame document and add the following two attributes to your <FRAMESET> tag -


Why both? Because some browsers use one, some use the other. Thankfully, most tags work on all computers and the need to "double code" these days is rare.

Another fun and useful modification to frames is controlling whether the person can re-size the window to fit their screen. This is very handy if you are using frames to control the placement of your graphics. To do this, you add to the <FRAME> tag for each frame you don't want re-sized - 


A final modification controls whether the viewer can scroll down to see more in the frame. Again, this is used mainly for graphics. To try it out, just add to the <FRAME> tag - 


So that is frames in a nutshell. Now, are you ready to see something amazing you can do with frames? Click here to move on!

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