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Month 3 Week 2

Advanced Frames

What Went Wrong

In last week's lesson, you were tasked with creating your own HTML document and testing it within your frame document. If you did that, then clicked on one of your links, you noticed that it didn't quite work the way you wanted it to.

Don't worry - I meant for that to happen. It's always a good idea to see what happens when you miss a step, so I let you discover that for yourself. Before we get into this week's lesson, here is the fix you need to make your HTML page work correctly -

Inside your <A HREF...> tags, you need to add a new variable - TARGET - which tells the browser which frame to display the page in. By default (if you list nothing) it will display it in the same window. To have it display in the right window, you need to tell the browser to put it there. You will end up with something very much like this -

<A HREF="test1.htm" TARGET="right">

Now let's get on with this week's lesson on advanced frame techniques!

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