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Month 3 Week 1

Beginning Frames

Using Targets Properly

Now that you have created a simple frame document, we are going to put it aside and create something better! Are you ready? Great, let's get to work!

Start with a new, blank document in Simpletext/Notepad and save it off as "test4.htm" to your work folder. Then, start a frame document like before -

<TITLE>Using Targets</TITLE>

I bet you saw the differences right away, didn't you? COLS is like ROWS, except instead of creating two frames split horizontally, you have two split vertically. Also, you told the browser to make the left-most frame exactly 150 pixels wide.

You are going to create one additional new document, an HTML page called "leftnav.htm", in a moment, and that page will be going into the left-most frame. The right-most frame will start with your first web page, "test1.htm". So your <FRAME> tags, should look something very much like this -

<FRAME SRC="leftnav.htm" NAME="left">
<FRAME SRC="test1.htm" NAME="right">

Then, just close off your two tags -


Close up that page and open a new, empty document in Simpletext/Notepad. Save this one off as "leftnav.htm" to your work folder.

Now it is time for you to try it on your own. You need to create an HTML document with two hyperlinks - one to your "test1.htm" document and one to your "test2.htm" document. Use what you've learned the last two months to work on your own, without my showing you the codes line by line.

In next week's lesson, I'll go over what your page should have resembled, and deal with simple explanations for the problems you may (will) encounter. Good luck and have fun with this!

See what is up for next week.

Download the latest tag page.

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