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Month 2 Week 4

Full Page Colors and Graphics

Simple Backgrounds

Ever wonder how web sites add in those cool background images? Sometimes, it's one image tiled all over the screen, other times, it's a large image shown just once. 

They are easy to add and it's time for YOU to learn how!

As you become more skilled in creating original graphics, you will be able to make your own unique backgrounds for your web site. Until then, you can use the free library of artwork at Microsoft's Designer's Gallery.

When the new window with their site is open and loaded, look at the left navigational area, towards the top, to find the link for "Browse" and click on that. It reformats the area slightly. Now you want to set the fields to -

Browse for - Backgrounds
Results should be - Clip Art
Order by - Style

Click on "Go" and you will get more backgrounds than you could (probably) ever need. Look through them and find one that goes well with the colors you have in your web page, or that fits the theme you are trying to create.

Open the preview of the image, then use the "Save picture" or "Save image" function of your browser to copy the file to your computer in the same area as your web page.

To add your background to your web page, you add "Background" to your <BODY> tag like this -

<BODY BGCOLOR=#xxxxxx TEXT=#yyyyyy BACKGROUND="filename.gif">

Set the "filename.gif" to the name of your background image and save your web page.

Open up your page and take a look at your background. 

Have ready for this month's online chat your new page with -

  1. A hyperlink
  2. A list
  3. A simple graphic
  4. A background image
  5. A non-black text color

What's on the schedule for next month?

The updated tag page is found here. 

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