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Month 2 Week 2

Lots of Lists

Whether you are making a grocery list, a list of to-do items, or holiday gifts you'd like to get this year, everyone uses lists. And they are just as handy on the internet. This week, you'll be learning how to make the various types of lists used in HTML.

Unordered Lists

The most basic form of list is the unordered list or "bulleted list". 

You can use them for:
bulletTo-Do Items
bulletMenus/Tables of Contents
bulletShopping Lists

You start an unordered list with it's open tag - <UL>. You use <LH> and </LH> for the list header, <LI> for each list item and close out your list with </UL>. The list above, then, looks like this in code:

<LH>You can use them for:</LH>
<LI>To-Do Items
<LI>Menus/Tables of Contents
<LI>Shopping Lists

Continue to learn about ordered lists...

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