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Month 2 Week 2

Lots of Lists

Ordered Lists

Sometimes, you need to list things in a certain order, such as directions or a "Top 10" list of items. Luckily, HTML has a built in way to make these ordered lists. 

It is almost identical to the unordered list you just learned. All you do is change <UL> and </UL> to <OL> and </OL>. Let's see what our list from before looks like as an ordered list-

    You can use them for:
  1. To-Do Items
  2. Menus/Tables of Contents
  3. Shopping Lists

And the code looks like this -

<LH>You can use them for:</LH>
<LI>To-Do Items
<LI>Menus/Tables of Contents
<LI>Shopping Lists

Continue to learn about definition lists...

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