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Month 2 Week 1


What Is A Target?

Targets are used mainly in websites that use frames, controlling what panel the linked page appears in. We'll discuss that form of target when we explore frames. But targets are used in another way, to open a new window.

Ever click on a link and have it open up a new window, leaving the original page where it was? The programmer used a target in their hyperlink and you can too. 

Look at where you added your personal hyperlink and make the changes you see inside the open tag -

<a href="" TARGET="_blank">
Name of your hyperlink

Open your page in your web browser and try out your link. It pops open a new, blank window and loads the linked page in there.

Using Targets Wisely

Yes, targets are fun, but they can be very annoying to some people. So use them only when clicking on a link takes a visitor away from your website or when you are using it for special effects. And always, always, always - warn the visitor about what you are doing. If you don't, you risk them thinking it's a pop-up ad and closing it before viewing the new page.

That's it for this week!

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