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Month 1 Week 3

Understanding the Basics

Using Headings, Paragraphs and Line Breaks

You already know how to use heading tags - those are the <H1> and </H1> tags you've been using. They work as H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6, each with it's own formatting. This page, for example, is using H3 for the first line, H4 for the second and then plain text for these paragraphs.

HTML allows for both line breaks and paragraphs. A line break ends the text where it stands and goes on to the next line. Like this -
It leaves no space in between the two lines. To make a line break, just add <BR> where you want the line to stop and the browser does the rest.

Paragraphs are what we just did - skipped a line before starting the text again. These are very handy for guiding the viewer's eye through your site, a topic we'll learn more about in coming weeks. Like the line break tag, you can just add in the paragraph tag wherever it is needed by adding <P> to your document. 


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Month 1 Week 3