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Month 1 Week 3

Understanding the Basics

Special Characters

HTML also recognizes many characters that you don't see on your keyboard. Plus, some of the characters you do see are used as part of the language, such as "<" and ">" so you need to use special character codes for those. 

You can view the full list by clicking here and visiting Webmonkey's web site. This will open a new window in your browser.

Don't worry about memorizing the list, just print or save a copy for yourself to have on hand when you need to know how to make quotes (") or ampersands (&) or copyrights ().

Try It 

Now re-open your test page and add in the tags for HTML, Head, Title, and Body. Don't forget to write both an open and a close for each. Then, if you feel like you are understanding things well, have some fun adding in headings, paragraphs and line breaks or really get crazy and add some special characters! 

What's Up For Next Week?

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Month 1 Week 3