Mormon Lumber Road

Geographical Information

State - California
Region - Southern
County - San Bernardino
Nearest City - San Bernardino

Box Information

Placed by - Gnosis 4-H Club 
Placed On - June 11th, 2003
Number of Boxes - 1
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Accessibility Information

General Rating - Fully Accessible
Open to all ages including early walkers and those in wheelchairs. Distance can be covered at a walking pace of 2+ miles per hour with no or almost no inclines of more than 100 feet. Trail may or may not be paved but is suitable for wheeled transportation (strollers, walkers, wheelchairs) and is safe for the visually impaired. Box located less than 1/4 mile from parking area.

Specific Details
Box is located very near the parking area - on weekdays, you can almost park right next to it. Retrieving the box does require being able to scramble less than six feet up to the tree so assistance may be needed for the very young (under 3) and those with physical disabilities. The remainder of the hunt is fully accessible to all. 


Be sure and check out the boxes placed by others located along this route.

Rim of the World Drive is accessed by taking the 215 fwy North to the 30 fwy - Mountain Resorts. You will soon see the off ramp for Highway 18, otherwise known as Waterman Avenue - take that towards Crestline and Lake Arrowhead.

You'll soon leave the city behind and begin climbing into the mountains. Keep an eye out for the historical marker signs indicating the turn-off on the left, just before the turn-off to Crestline. 

Pull in and find a place to park (easy on weekdays, not so easy on busy weekends.) Look for the actual historical marker and head over to it. After you read why they placed the marker here (getting in a quick history lesson on the area in the process), turn towards your left. Follow the curb down about 25 paces to a multi-trunk tree growing out of the mountain side.  The box is buried under a few rocks inside the "V" formed by the trunks. Take care while making the short scramble up and down as the leaves can be slippery after rains.


2003, Gnosis 4-H Club
The 4-H name and 4-H logo are service marks protected under 18 U.S.C. 707.

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