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Coldwater Canyon Park

Geographical Information

State - California
Region - Southern
County - Los Angeles
Nearest City - Beverly Hills

Box Information

Placed by - Gnosis 4-H Club 
Placed On - July 31st, 2003
Number of Boxes - 4
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Other Boxes Placed by the Gnosis 4-H Club

Accessibility Information

General Rating - Easy
Open to all ages including early walkers. Distance can be covered at a walking pace of 1.5 to 2 miles per hour with no inclines of greater than 200 feet. Trail suitable for large wheeled transportation but walkers and light strollers may have difficulty. Trail safe for visually impaired with assistance. Boxes located less than one mile from parking area.

Specific Details
These boxes are all located along the Tree People's "Magic Forest Trail," designed with small children in mind. Members of our club have taken the tour along this trail and even toddlers are able to handle the walk, though they will need help going up and down the stairs. 

On the day the boxes were planted, the park was undergoing construction. As a result, the wheeled-transportation routes along the trail are temporarily blocked. The construction, though noisy and annoying, is well worth it - they are building an amazing educational center - and the ramps up and down the trail will be re-opened as soon as is feasible. 


Coldwater Canyon Park is a 12 acre oasis of land along Mulholland Drive, leased long term by a conservation group called "Tree People." There are a number of fun, short trails throughout the area so be sure and pick up a booklet at the information kiosk located in the north-east corner of the parking area. (The kiosk is closed due to construction, but the trails are visible as you search for the boxes.)  

From the Westside or San Fernando Valley
Take  Coldwater Canyon to where it intersects Mulholland Drive. For those coming from the Westside, it is the second intersection with Mulholland, not the first. The park is on the east side of Coldwater, clearly marked with large signs.

During construction, the parking is on the opposite side of Coldwater so turn towards Mulholland and look for the parking area on the left. It is located on the south-west corner of the intersection of Coldwater and Mulholland.


Make your way to the start of the "Magic Forest Trail," located in the north-east area of the park, near the kiosk. Your quest begins here, at marker number one.

 #1 - No Water

Follow the trail as it heads down slightly and towards the west. Shortly, you will come to a fork in the path. Take it down, to your right.

You will come to the Tobi Stein non-working water fountain. The box is behind the fountain, under the tall grasses at the base of the stone structure.

#2 - Little E

Continue along the wide, flat, shady path for a short time. Just as you approach some interesting educational displays ahead, you'll see a trail going down to your left to the lower path. After taking a look at the displays, head down to the lower trail.

Go left at the bottom and continue on the wide trail until you come to the Ida and Bernard Cipes pair of benches. Face the benches then turn around to spot the tree that is directly opposite them.

The box is hidden under the dead logs which lay against the base of the tree in back.

After replacing the box, give a quick "Go Dale" in honor of the person the box commemorates. NASCAR fans will know he needs the help this season :) This is the second of our race car driver series, the first being hidden at Peter Strauss Ranch.  

#3 - Tree People

Get back onto the trail and continue to follow it for a short time until you come to an area where one path is narrow, goes towards the left and is sunny and uphill. The other path is the bark chip covered wide shady trail you've been enjoying. Stay on the shady one :)

Just past the split in the trail, you will see a large sign for the Tree People in the form of a colorful circle. The circle is attached to a large metal box set a few inches above ground by little legs. 

The box is under the metal box, around the back, under some leaves and sticks.

As this metal box and sign is used during the Tree People tour, take care when finding and replacing the box.

#4 - The 3 R's - Reduce/Reuse/Recycle

Back onto the nice trail through the shade trees. After a while, you'll see a small amphitheater to your right. They host outdoor events there nearly all year, so be sure and pick up a flyer from the kiosk located just off the trail. 

Just past the theater area, you'll see stairs in front of you and the trail turning towards the right. Take the stairs up to the upper trail. Make a left at the top of the stairs to get back on the trail.

On your right, just a few steps ahead, you'll see several small buildings, the first of which is a tiny white metal shed with a beige bottom stripe. If you stand facing the shed from the trail, the box is under the left side, just behind that tree stump. If you go around the stump, you'll be able to grab it easily.

Again, this area is used during the tour so take some care when finding and replacing the box. 

You can take any of the stairs up to the parking areas and your vehicle.


2003, Gnosis 4-H Club
The 4-H name and 4-H logo are service marks protected under 18 U.S.C. 707.

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