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This project will be incorporated with the public speaking and marketing projects.

Community Pride

All members of this project will also be members of the Community Service committee for the club and vice versa. Committee information will be coming out in the next week or so.


For first year members, the program is somewhat set - building, maintaining and marketing web sites, both personal and for the club. In an effort to fully exploit both computers and the internet, both for ease and learning possibilities, the project will be done 100% online using a combination of a mailing list, web sites (they'll be building them the first meeting), online curriculum that they'll do on their own time and pace, and a once-a-month online chat. Whether their interest is programming, graphic design or the internet in general, all areas will be covered. We'll be covering, among other things, HTML, Java, JavaScript, CGIs, simple graphics, animated graphics, navigational elements, site development and strategy, online marketing, interactive web pages, style sheets, FTP, telnet... is your brain hurting yet? :) It'll be fun, educational and intensive - estimate an hour to 90 minutes a week, depending on how fast of a typer and the software used. Oh, and it's open to adults as well, if anyone wants to take part :)


All Jr. and Teen leaders as well as club officers will get credit for this project. They'll be having their own meetings to discuss relevant topics. Junior leaders need to be in 6th grade, Teen leaders need to be in 9th grade and club officers (for this project) just need to be regular members (not Joeys or Primaries). There are officer positions designed for primaries, but they won't need to participate in the leadership activities unless they wish to.

Self Determined

Got a great project idea but it doesn't fit anywhere? That is where this project comes into play. The member designs the project, including the goals for completion, and then works with an advisor (generally a parent) to fulfill their goals. It may take a year, it can also take several years to complete.

Group Determined

Similar to self determined except this is a group of members working on the same custom project. We already have one - a gaming project for RPG and those Yu-Gi-Oh/Magic card games.



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