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We'll be going on several field trips but I'm holding off on saying we'll be having x-meetings during the year until I see who joins the project. If everyone in the project is also in Camping/Outdoor Activities, we'll tie the two together and do forestry studies as part of our learning about the outdoors.

Indoor/Mini Gardens

I love plants, they just don't care for me too much. But I seem to be able to teach others to work with plants as all of Nick's, other than the Venus Flytrap, continue to live and thrive :) We'll be exploring a variety of indoor and mini gardens at our monthly meetings, ranging from terrariums to theme gardens to indoor produce. I want to warn people up front that this project will have a cost involved as supplies will be needed for each project meeting - planters, plants, accessories. I've got a lot of soil, I'm sure others have some to donate as well, so soil is covered :)

Members are free to enroll in any of the other plant science projects, especially if they are already gardening at home! And before you apartment dwellers write off some of those, Nick is planning to do the fruits, nuts and berries project with one or two miniature fruit trees on our balcony. These grow in containers and, according to the gardening catalog, can be grown indoors as well as out. Hmm, I wonder if a fruit tree grown indoors counts as indoor garden, fruit tree or both...


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