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Cat Care Project

We'll be doing more of a dual track this year than last, allowing for those with interest in just one area to focus their attention better. Those who like both realms of the feline world can, of course, participate in both types of activities. The project will be meeting monthly with the "tracks" alternating months. Most meetings will be a field trip as opposed to a sit down meeting, though there will be at least two meetings for each track where things do take place in more of a class environment.

Track 1 - Domestic Felines - The pet cat, purveyor of fur covered laps and hours of entertainment. Some are show cats, some just your run of the mill variety, but all deserve our attention. We'll be talking about health and nutrition (a holistic vet visit is planned for this), reproduction vs. population control (a trip to a rescue facility of some sort), grooming and beauty treatments for your cat (a show breeder's facility), plus making them beds and water dishes which feature running water. Carried over from last year is our hope to build cat posts as well, though finding the materials at our budget (free) is proving difficult :)

Track 2 - Wild and Exotic Felines - Wild cats live all around us - unless you live in Park La Brea which apparently has no stray kitties to boast of. Perhaps a side project in itself there :) We'll continue our exploration of what some have called the "perfect" design - cats, be they house cat or lion, differ in so few ways, it is amazing they all seem so different. We'll be paying visits to the LA Zoo and the Exotic Feline Breeding Compound, plus adding in the Feline Rescue Facility which should be re-opening in the next few weeks. We will also be discussing ways in which the public can be better educated about the wild cats - how the commonly thought of species such as tiger and lion aren't really endangered, just being in-bred to the point of wiping out certain types while other cats, such as those in South America, are nearly gone yet the mainstream public doesn't even realize they exist.


Dog Care Project

I am waiting to determine interest before saying how we'll be handling this project. I took this project as a child and found that it really is only effective if two conditions are met - 1) the group has at least four dogs to ensure the dogs become used to performing around other dogs and 2) the group meets often enough for the training to hold, every other week at a minimum. If enough members are interested and willing to commit to meeting regularly, I'll go ahead and offer the project within our club. If we only get one or two interested, I'll be speaking to other local clubs about sending our members there to work with others.


Pets and Small Animals

There are rumors that this project will be broken into more logical categories in the next few years but until then, if it isn't a large animal (bigger than a dog) and it isn't a dog, cat, bird, rabbit, cavy or dead bug, it fits here. Living bugs go in this category - we checked for Nick's snail family. I'm watching a story on the news about owls eating an acceptable "pet", that being mice. One person's pet is another person's owl food I guess :)

We'll be meeting monthly to learn about topics such as proper pet selection (handy for those intending to get a pet as part of this project), tracking expenses related to your pet, and how to find more information about your pet. We won't be focusing on any one animal but rather giving information that will enable the members to find the information they need on their own. We will also be visiting a pet shop, a pet rescue facility (differs from a dog/cat shelter), and at least one pet breeder.



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