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Health and Leisure Overview

  • Practice leadership skills and roles, take part in community affairs, and demonstrate citizenship responsibility. 

  • Explore career, job and productive leisure opportunities.  Develop skills, knowledge and attitudes for lifelong use.

  • Appreciate the relationship of physical fitness to oneís physical, mental, social and emotional health.

  • Develop personal integrity, a sense of sportsmanship, team cooperation, and ability to speak in public through participation in related activities, such as demonstrations, talks, judging events, field days, tours and exhibits.

  • Share acquired knowledge and skills with other 4-H members.

Health and Leisure Projects


Camping and Outdoor Adventure
Project Leader: Annette Keenberg (Co-Leader Needed)
Teen Leader:
Jr. Leader:
Members: 1

  • Better understand the environment, the inter-relationships within the ecosystem and appreciate all aspects of nature.

  • Acquire skills in outdoor living.

  • Develop confidence in the ability to live safely and healthfully outdoors.

  • Learn to live cooperatively in a group.

  • Learn how to use leisure time constructively.

Creative Arts & Crafts
Project Leader: Leader Needed/Annette Keenberg - Co-Leader
Teen Leader:
Jr. Leader:
Members: 1

  • Develop greater creativity and improve artistic talents.

  • Be able to make good use of leisure time in constructive activities.

  • Develop skills and knowledge in constructing useful, artistic items.

  • Develop an understanding of principals of artistic design (use of color, space, line, texture and shape).

Cultural Arts & Leisure Education
Project Leader: Annette Keenberg (Co-Leader Needed)
Teen Leader:
Jr. Leader:
Members: 1

  • Learn about and/or participate in leisure-time activities that enhance the quality of life.

  • These activities include, but are not limited to, dance, drama, music, art, and museum work.

Health & Physical Fitness
Project Leader: Annette Keenberg (Co-Leader Needed)
Teen Leader:
Jr. Leader:
Members: 1

  • Acquire patterns of living that foster concern for health and the quality of life.

  • Learn about community health resources, how these resources respond or can be changed to respond to community needs, and how to use appropriately the health care systems in the community.

  • Learn about environmental issues as they affect health.

  • Learn to make decisions that affect personal, family and community health.

  • Learn how people grow and develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially through life.

  • Participate in health service activities.

Individual and Group Sports
Project Leader:
Teen Leader:
Jr. Leader:
Members: 1

  • Become more knowledgeable about one's own abilities, needs, and the abilities of others.

  • Accept responsibility for improving, achieving and maintaining physical well being for oneself and for group activity.

  • Learn skills and gain experience in planning with others and implementing group effort to achieve a group's goal(s).

Project Leader:
Teen Leader:
Jr. Leader:

  • Appreciate the development of the art of Leathercraft.

  • Be able to prepare and select the leather and tool for a particular need.

  • Be able to transfer a design and understand the basic principles of good design.

Project Leader: Michael Keenberg (Co-Leader Needed)
Teen Leader:
Jr. Leader: Nick Keenberg
Members: 1

  • Recognize photography as a useful hobby and as a profession.

  • Develop skills in taking and using pictures.

  • Learn about photography as an art, a science and a communication tool.

  • Capture everyday life experiences.  

  • Demonstrate friendship and self-expression.

  • Learn to observe and appreciate surroundings.

Shooting Sports (Age restrictions apply)
Project Leader: Michael Keenberg (Co-Leader Needed)
Teen Leader:
Jr. Leader:

  • Develop a basic appreciation for firearms and how to use them safely.

  • Learn the history of firearms.

  • Understand and appreciate hunting and conservation rules and regulations.

  • Understand the hunterís responsibility toward landowners, other people and wildlife (including field safety).

  • Acquire knowledge of firearms, their operation, care and maintenance.

  • Acquire basic knowledge of firearms ammunition, their components, and how they work..

  • Learn the fundamentals of marksmanship and basic range safety.




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