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Engineering Overview

  • Applied knowledge, expertise and disciplines attained through study or practice concerned with the physical world.

  • Practice leadership skills and roles, take part in community affairs, and demonstrate citizenship responsibility. 

  • Explore career, job and productive leisure opportunities.  Develop skills, knowledge and attitudes for lifelong use. 

  • Learn to use accepted practices for mental, physical and emotional health, and to respect yourself and others. 

  • Develop personal integrity, a sense of sportsmanship, team cooperation, and ability to speak in public through participation in related activities, such as demonstrations, talks, judging events, field days,  tours and exhibits.

  • Share acquired knowledge and skills with other 4-H members.

Engineering Projects


Aerospace & Rocketry
Project Leader:
Teen Leader:
Jr. Leader:

  • Develop an awareness of the basic concepts of space, science and aeronautics.

  • Develop an interest and awareness of the impact of the aerospace program on society.

  • Acquire skills and explore areas of interest in the aerospace program.

Project Leader:
Teen Leader:
Jr. Leader:

  • Learn to troubleshoot and maintain engines and related equipment.

  • Understand the production, slection, use, conservation and handling of fuels and lubricants.

  • Develop buying habits based on cost benefit analysis.

  • Develop an appreciation and respect for the environment rights and property of people.

  • Practice and promote wise use of energy.

  • Learn about and abide by federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding operation of powered equipment.

  • Learn and observe the rules of the road and traffic laws in order to safely operate automobiles.

Project Leader: Annette Keenberg
Teen Leader:
Jr. Leader:
Members: 1

  • Create an awareness of the recreational, family and health applications of cycling.

  • Learn and obey rules of the road and laws pertaining to bicycles and bicycle driving.

  • Develop a clear knowledge of bicycle safety and proper bicycle driving behavior.

  • Learn care and maintenance of the bicycle and how to select a bicycle that best fits the size and needs of the driver.

  • Demonstrate skills for effective use of the bicycle.

Electric ity/Electronics
Project Leader: Michael Keenberg (Co-Leader Needed)
Teen Leader:
Jr. Leader:
Members: 1

  • Learn the basic principles and theories of electricity.

  • Learn the effects electric energy has on people and their environment.

  • Use and promote safe practices to prevent personal injury and property damage.

  • Learn about efficient use of electric energy through production of heat, light, power communications and computations.

  • Learn about the generation, transmission and distribution of electric energy.

Farm Machinery (Tractor)
Project Leader:
Teen Leader:
Jr. Leader:

  • Learn to operate and care for tractors and other farm machinery skillfully, safely, and economically.

  • Promote the efficient use of tractors and other farm machinery.

  • Determine, practice and promote wise use of energy.

  • Become aware of and abide by Federal, State and Local laws and regulations regarding the operation of tractors and farm machinery.

  • Share new knowledge with other 4-H members and tractor owners.

General Engineering/Metal Work 
Project Leader:
Teen Leader:
Jr. Leader:

  • Acquire industrial education skills and practice them safely and skillfully.  Includes drafting, home repairs and welding.

Safety (Individual and Club Project)

  • Learn how to reduce accidents and injuries, recognize and correct hazards, and think and practice safety.

  • Encourage the entire family to become safety conscious.

  • Learn how safety can be applied to any 4-H program or project.

Small Engines
Project Leader:
Teen Leader:
Jr. Leader:

  • Learn how the 2-cycle and 4-cycle gasoline and diesel engines function.

  • Learn how to care for and to safely, economically and skillfully operate small engines.

  • Learn the many uses of small engines around the home and farm.

Wood working
Project Leader:
Teen Leader:
Jr. Leader:

  • Develop an understanding of and appreciation for the fiber products of the forest.

  • Acquire knowledge and develop skill in selection and use of various types of wood products.

  • Acquire knowledge and develop skills in the selection, care and safe use of wood working tools and machines.

  • Learn about the business and economics of the forest products industry.

  • Learn about environmental protection and the wise use of natural resources.




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