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Month 5 Week 2

Pixels, Pallets and Other Pesky Details

Just What Is Color Safe?

Some people's computers can show thousands of colors. Other people have computers that can show millions or the full 16 million colors in the computer spectrum. 

Your web browser - 256.

That's right, out of the millions upon millions of colors in the world, the browser only knows 256. What happens if you use a color outside the 256? The browser does its best to match your color to the nearest color safe one. If that fails, it will merge several of the nearest safe colors in a process called "dithering" which can have some rather unsightly results. In either case, it won't be the color you were trying for.

To be sure you are getting the color you want, go to this page and save a copy off to your computer. You can use any of those colors in any combination you wish.

Some final thoughts for the week.

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