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Month 4 Week 3

Making It Look Good

Tools To Consider

There are a number of ways to create your first sketches of your website. For some, it is easiest to draw it out on paper, even if the drawing consists of little more than some boxes and stick figures. Some work on the computer itself, generally in a graphic program, creating a flat image and then worrying about how to turn it into HTML. Maybe you will want to do a little of both or something completely different.

Don't feel as though you must be tied to one method. Some websites, I create first on paper. Others, I start with the graphics because I have a certain "look" I am after. And some, I just dive into the structure and fill in the visuals as I go. 

Can I predict ahead of time which method will work best? Nope, so don't expect to do any better. Play around, explore, have fun with it. If you can't get your ideas down with a pencil and paper, try a graphics program. Don't let the tools stop your creative juices!

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