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Month 4 Week 2

Site Structure

Navigational Planning

Start by writing "Home Page" at the top center of your paper/board/whatever. Draw a box around it if you like.

Now, ask yourself what you want your main areas to be on your site. If it is a personal site, perhaps you want "About Me", "My Hobbies", et cetera. Keep it to four or five main categories that all your ideas can fit under.

Once you've decided, add those as the next line under home page, adding boxes if you are going that route. Next, draw a line from each item on the second line to the home page. This shows that the two are "linked" to one another.

Next, under each main area, write your page ideas. Perhaps you have a games section and you plan to include games to play on your site, reviews of games, a list of your favorite games and links to other game-related sites.

Draw a line from each sub-section to the main section page to show the two are linked.

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