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Month 3 Week 4


Tables Within Tables

You can start a new table inside another table - that is called "nesting" and it can be very handy. Just include a <TABLE> and </TABLE> tag pair inside a <TD> of the original table. Then, a new table is created just in that one cell - until the browser sees the </TABLE> and knows to move on. 

Tables, What Are They Good For?

Creating tables, especially nested tables gives you very precise control over the layout of your HTML. For example, this page was create using nested tables. The top row left cell contains the left most mouse and part of the black edge and tan background of this area.  The top row center cell contains the header graphic and again, parts of this area. The top left row contains half of the mouse's head. 

Open up the source code for this page and take a look at the various table tags - see if you can follow their logic. 

That's it for this month! Look ahead to next month here.

Don't forget to grab the newest version of the tag page.

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