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Month 3 Week 3

Simple Forms

Server Side Forms

This section will be brief, I promise!

Nearly every ISP wants you to stick with their particular server side form handler. Tripod, for example has a whole page set up to create your form without knowing any of that code you just struggled through. 

To find the one your ISP uses, go the members area and browse around until you find the website add-ons area. Then look for something called "Feedback form" or "Send mail handler" or similar. Yes, you may have to look at a few to find the basic form handler. If you can't find it after hunting a bit, email me (club members only) and I'll help you track it down. They expect you know very little (far less than you already do know) so the instructions they give will talk you through setting it up.

Since server side forms work better and are considered by most users to be the "safest" kind, it is worth your time to find how to create one using your ISP's tools.

And now for the last thing on forms...

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