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Month 2 Week 2

Lots of Lists

Lists Within Lists

One of the fun things about lists is that you can put one list inside another list, which is called "embedding". I'll give you the code, you add it to your page to try it out.

<LH>My Test of Lists Within Lists</LH>
<LI>I learned how to make unordered lists.
<LI>I learned how to make ordered lists.
<LI>Unordered lists use bullets to show each item.
<LI>Ordered lists use numbers to each item.
<LI>I learned how to make definition lists.
<DT>Definition List
<DD>A list consisting of terms and definitions
<LI>Then I learned how to make lists within lists.

Try it yourself and see how it looks, then modify it to make it your own.

That's it for this week. Next week, we'll be learning about simple graphics in HTML!

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