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Month 1 Week 4

The Computer Is Not A Typewriter

Formatting Paragraphs

Feeling overwhelmed with tags? Don't worry, you don't need to memorize them - ever! In fact, starting with this week, the final page of each lesson will list off all the new tags you learned in a way in which you can copy them into a web page to start your own directory of HTML tags.

Now let's briefly talk about formatting the paragraphs themselves. Every paragraph starts with the <P> tag and ends with </P>, which you learned earlier this month. What I didn't tell you then was that you can add things inside the <P> tag to make your paragraphs move around.

Let's say you don't like having the text on this side.

Using <P ALIGN=RIGHT> will take care of that for you!

Or maybe in the center with <P ALIGN=CENTER>

Want to really annoy your visitors? Try writing a very long paragraph, using the
<P NOWRAP> tag so that the entire thing appears on one line.

You can also combine them, such as <P ALIGN=CENTER NOWRAP> to have the text centered but running off the page on both sides, if it is long enough.

Another way to format paragraphs is to use the <BLOCKQUOTE> and </BLOCKQUOTE> tags, which result in this -


Blockquote indents and adds extra lines at the top and bottom of the text. It is generally used for long quotes or passages of text.



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Month 1 Week 4