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Cultural Arts and Leisure Studies 
Scavenger Hunt

While completing any of these activities is entirely optional, those who attain the minimums listed below each year will receive a completion medal at the club awards program in June.
You will keep track of your own activities and will need to save the "evidence" of your completing tasks until May when the hunt officially ends for the year. We encourage you to keep a scrapbook of your adventures while completing this scavenger hunt, for your own enjoyment, for a handy method of presenting your accomplishments for review in May, and as a wonderful entry in the spring/summer fair season. Forms for some of the tasks will be posted soon (artist and musician books).

Enrollment Type

Minimum For Completion

Enrollment Type

Minimum For Completion

Joeys (0 - preClover Buds) 10 points Clover Buds 20 points
1st Year Project Member 30 points 2nd Year Project Member & Beyond 40 points for each year

Cultural Arts Events

  • Photos of you attending arts festivals and events from various cultures.
    Three events - 1 point
    Six events - 2 points
    Twelve events - 5 points

Fine Arts (Painting, Sculpting, Drawing)

  • Locate a painting of a horse in a museum. 
    Indicate it's location on the map - 1 point
    Draw/paint your own version of the painting - 2 points
  • Locate a painting of a person that reminds you of yourself.
    Indicate it's location on the map - 1 point
    Draw/paint your own version of the painting - 2 points
  • Photos of five similar statues (you decide what constitutes similar to you).
    Three different locations - 1 point
    Four different locations - 2 points
    Five different locations - 3 points
  • Photos of you at outdoor wall murals.
    Two different murals - 1 point
    Three different murals - 2 points
    Four or more murals - 3 points
  • Photos of you at different art museums.
    Five different museums - 1 point
    Ten different museums - 3 points
  • Create an artist/art study book discussing the artist and at least four of their pieces.
    Four different artists - 1 point
    Eight different artists - 3 points
    Twelve different artists - 5 points
  • Re-create art you've seen in museums or elsewhere, any medium.
    Three different pieces - 1 point
    Five different pieces - 3 points
  • Exhibit your own work in an art show, any kind.
    1 point for each exhibition not per piece.

Drama/Theatrical Arts

  • Program from a play you attend (can be received multiple times)
    Program - 1 point
    Signed by person involved in putting on the play - 3 points
    Shakespeare play - 3 points
  • Photo of you with a Jester - 1 point
  • Participate in putting on a play/skit in front of an audience - 5 points

Music and Dance

  • Program from a concert or dance production (can be received multiple times)
    Program - 1 point
    Signed by person involved with production - 3 points
    Signed by conductor - 5 points
  • Photo of you learning to do the chicken dance.
    Photo - 1 point
    Photo showing you learning it from a person wearing traditional German attire (Hint: Octoberfest) - 5 points
    Demonstrate the dance at a 4-H Field Day - 10 points
  • Create a musicians book discussing their life and at least three pieces of their work.
    Four different musicians - 1 point
    Eight different musicians - 3 points
    Twelve different musicians - 5 points
  • Put on a chorale presentation or musical concert (can be received multiple times) - 3 points
  • Write an original piece of music and perform it for an audience - 5 points

Poetry and Creative Writing

  • Book/poetry readings (can be received multiple times)
    Program for book/poetry reading - 1 point
    Program signed by one of the authors presenting - 5 points
    Participate as a reader - 5 points
  • Write an original poem or creative (ie fictional) piece.
    Each piece (can be received multiple times) - 1 point
    Read piece aloud to an audience - 5 points



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